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Baniyas Offers Best Sisal Carpets Collection in Dubai

Baniyas is No.1 Sisal Carpets Retailer in DubaSisal Carpet-i and Abu Dhabi we offer best Designs and Quality with fitting and free delivery Services around U.A.E  We are just call away get free Quotation and measurement here is some variety we offer in sisal carpets SISAL Sisal (the name of a Yucatan port in Mexico) is a noble fibre, long and supple, made from the leaves of the Agave Sisalana, a subtropical plant from South America. These fibres are collected by passing the leaves under water and pressing them. They are then washed. dried and spun. Used since time immemorial for ropes, sisal is now used as a natural floor covering, highly prized for its sure effect in the decoration of the home. Its natual colour is creamy white, but sisal is the plant fibre that best accepts dyes. It lends itself to the use of intense colour for contemporary harmonies. Resistant to wear and rubbing, soft to the touch, but not recommended in damp rooms, our sisal floor covering are particularly appropriate for bedrooms, sitting rooms, corridors, stairs, private and professional offices, as well as stores and shops. To keep its beautiful appearance a long time, sisal needs regular upkeep and careful use (see care instructions) LAYING RECOMMENDATIONS Our natual floor coverings, all available with a foam underlay, must be laid according to the rule book. Before cutting, it is essential to unfold these covering on their future base and leave them to acclimatize for 48 h to allow them to adopt to the hygrometry of the room. As fibre is a living material, it may register a few variations in measurement. So it is necessary to plan a safety margin. After following all these precautions of use, stretch this covering across the room so that it extends up the skirting boards, glue half to the base with acrylic paste, starting from the centre of the room towards the edges, pressing firmly down so as to guarantee perfect adherence, proceed in the same way for the other side. To finish, just cut the base along the skirting boards. CARE INSTRUCTIONS These natural floor covering require regular upkeep and careful use. So that they keep their beautiful appearance longer, vacuum regularly, taking care to brush without rubbing. In addition, once or twice a year, depending on the wear, it is advisable to (dry) clean the base thoroughly. SEA AND MOUNTAIN GRASS The seagrass, a smooth, soft fibre, comes from an aquatic plant that grows in fresh and salt water estuaries. The mountain grass belonging to the hemp family, grows at altitude on mountain slopes. The climatic conditions give it a warmer colour that looks a little like wood. Sea and mountain grass will delight you with their traditional appearance, their natural colours, their natural non absorbent properties and their great resistance, even in damp rooms, as long as there is regular ventilation. They have to be humidified regularly (see care instructions) to keep their elasticity and sheen. Sea and mountain grass will find their place quite naturally in all living environments, public and private.

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