Best Axminster Carpets Dubai

Best Axminster Carpets Dubai

October 5, 2015

Buy Best Axminster Carpets in Dubai

When choosing a new Axminster carpet, you may already know exactly what you’re trying to achieve from a design perspective. But if not, here are a few tips to help you choose what colors, pattern, style and texture would suit your room best.

Carpets in a beige or neutral tone offer a blank style canvas and will suit any interior style. The variety of yarns and twists available in our range can add texture, even with a neutral palette.

If you want to experiment with stronger colors to make your carpet more of a design statement, our range of patterned carpets, from delicate tonal floras to stripes and Persians, allow a subtle design tone. If you want to choose a patterned carpet which doesn’t create as much of a statement, choose a tonal variation in a natural palette as this will give a less dominating feel.

It’s really important to consider the usage of the rooms you are carpeting so that you pick a suitable thickness. For example, busy communal areas such as hallways, stairs and living rooms need a heavier weight carpet to withstand natural wear and tear for longer compared to rooms which are used less, such as bedrooms.

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